From the heart of our historic city to the outskirts of our neighboring communities, I welcome you to the new and improved Athens Area Chamber of Commerce website.

Due to the technologically advanced breeze that now sweeps our streets, we believed it was time for a website that paired well with our ever-evolving community. The website is sure to offer many benefits to our members that I believe can strengthen our business relations.

The Chamber’s Purpose
One of the functions of a Chamber of Commerce is to promote interest in local business. We serve as the liaison between the local/state/national government and the business community. As a Chamber, we are supportive of efforts in the community, and we advocate for the business community in order create opportunities for business networking and involvement in educational opportunities (SEO, marketing, social media). The Chamber is a widely-recognized brand, and people know we have worked hard at creating a one-stop-shop kind of atmosphere.

What’s New
We had the same website for ten years. We wanted to move toward a more tech-based organization with a focus on instant access so we could better serve our members. We worked with HW Creative Marketing, our neighbor in downtown Athens, to develop features including a new community calendar promotes unison among Athens businesses. HW will continue to bring to our site fresh, creative content and rich media to our members. Overall, I view this as a great opportunity for our members to advertise as well as boost our social media presence.

Benefits of the Revitalized Website
To start, members will be kept more up to date. They will be provided with information that can be used in day-to-day business, which will range from licensing to special events. The new site promotes both new and existing members while keeping the local government in the forefront.

Creating and Strengthening Member Relationships
I believe this website will provide a great opportunity to share news among members, really focusing on unison among our community. Members will be able to seek advice through fellow members which is sure to build and strengthen relationships. Speaking from experience, the new ease of access that the new website offers is sure to strengthen relationships on its own promoting helpful and informative content.

What You Can Do
Get Involved! Whether it’s in the Chamber or the community involvement is crucial. People typically ask “why?” when they should be asking “what can I do to help?” A healthy, robust business community is vital to a healthy community. We need to raise the voice of business.

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