Guest Post: The 10 best productivity apps for your team

Athens Chamber member Richie Knight, a senior partner at HW Creative Marketing, spoke at this month’s Small Business Breakfast Club to share how his team uses cloud-based apps to power their business.

Below, read some of Richie’s tips and flip through his presentation, in case you couldn’t attend the breakfast. Check the calendar to register for the September Small Business Breakfast Club, where another speaker will share some of their best tips for success.

This post first appeared on the HW blog.

As business owners, we wear a lot of hats. With poor organization, it’s only a matter of time before a project crashes and burns, or a communication issue escalates from a minor annoyance to a major problem for the whole team.

At HW, we rely on a lot of different mobile and desktop applications to make our lives easier. From project management to client homework to bookkeeping, our business is powered by cloud-based technology. It keeps our office running like a machine. Another perk? A handful of great management apps also helped us double our revenue.

We had the chance to talk about our top ten favorite productivity applications at the August Athens Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business Breakfast Club. We’ve embedded the presentation below, and a recap of all the apps and why we love them.


Team Management – Asana
Team Collaboration – Google Apps
Cloud Storage – DropBox
Manage Sales – Sidekick
Sign Documents – HelloSign
Manage Appointments –
Better Meetings – UberConference
Manage Finances – Xero
Manage Payroll – ZenPayroll
Generate Invoices – FreshBooks