This week, a few newsworthy events have occurred that may interest Athens locals. The Athens-Clarke County Transportation director is headed to Atlanta for a new job, the UGA Vet School and the Atlanta Humane Society have announced their partnership that will allow fourth-year vet students to receive hands-on experience in an animal shelter setting, and the Athens-Clarke County Commission is looking to extend its traffic program to keep citizens safe by creating stricter regulations.


ACC Transportation Director Takes Job in ATL

After two decades on the job, that Athens Clarke County Transportation and Public Works Director, David Clarke, has announced that he has taken a job in Atlanta. In May, he will begin his new post as director of the Fulton County Public Works Department. Our county is in search of a new replacement for Clarke.  

UGA Vet School and Atlanta Humane Society Announce Partnership

The University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine and the Atlanta Humane Society announced their partnership to provide fourth-year UGA vet students with a three-week rotation of hands-on experience in a shelter medicine setting. As an elective course, the agreement will allow these students to perform spays, neuters, other basic surgeries and dental procedures under the supervision of the AHS veterinarian. This opportunity will help prepare students with the skills and confidence they need to join the veterinary workforce.  

ACC Commission Expanding Traffic Program

In an initiative to slow traffic on residential streets, the Athens Clarke County’s Neighborhood Traffic Program could make eighteen more streets eligible for the program by making a few changes in their criteria. Currently the roads with daily traffic volumes of 750 cars per day and streets where the “85th percentile” speed (based on research, a standard traffic measurement, where 15 percent of motorists will always exceed the speed limit regardless of whatever speed control obstacles they come across) is 35mph, will be moved down to criteria of 500 vehicles per day and an 85th percentile speed of 32.5. These efforts are in the hopes of keeping locals safe from reckless drivers.