6 Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity

Employee productivity is vital to good business. Everyone only has 24 hours in a day, so it is essential that the time spent at work is maximized to its fullest productivity potential. Here are some tips to start immediately improving the productivity of your workplace:

Thoroughly train employees

Perhaps the most important contributor to productivity is ability. Employees need to be competent in their area to ensure that they are getting a lot of work done. The only way to ensure that your employees can effectively carry out the tasks you expect them to is to teach them exactly what they are supposed to be doing. Training your employees in the beginning is key since you will not have to teach them as they go along- saving time and headaches.

Provide clear expectations and follow up

Providing clear expectations and training your employees go hand in hand, but making a distinction between the two is important. Providing clear expectations ensures that your employees know not just how to do their duty but what exactly they are expected to do. Equally as important as providing expectations is following up. Following up shows that you are interested in your employee’s work and also gives you the opportunity to monitor their progress. It’s important to monitor your employee’s work, but be mindful of micro-managing. No employee does well with a boss breathing down their neck making sure they’re always on task. A present and available boss is better than a hovering boss any day.

Provide incentives

Incentives don’t have to be monetary, but providing an extra motivator to your employees to get their work done can be incredibly effective in improving workplace productivity. Perks and recognition can be just enough to motivate your employees to go that extra mile. A healthy dose of competition can also be just the thing some employees need to get their fire burning. Mix up the incentives you offer to cater to different personality types and strengths.  

Know your employees

Knowing your employees as people more than just workers is important to better understanding their work ethic and motivations. For example, knowing what generational cohort a person comes from can be a big indicator of how they will behave in the workplace. Similarly, know if they have a family, significant other, or an important hobby, as these can be indicators of where they are in their lives and what they value. A young professional straight out of college is bound to have different behaviors and values than a veteran of your company who has worked there for multiple decades.

Celebrate every victory

Rewarding employees lies in the same vein as providing incentives, but rewarding good work occurs after the fact. Acknowledging and commending good behavior is essential to creating a positive work environment. Many people thrive on recognition and love to receive a pat on the back for their good work. Indulge this desire! The better people are made to feel about their good work, the more people are going to be motivated to continue to do good work.

Optimize office for productivity

Optimizing your workplace for productivity means more than just perfecting your office’s Feng Shui. Ensure that all equipment and technology is functioning properly and efficiently- nothing kills productivity and motivation more than a sluggish computer or finicky web programs. Be mindful of environmental factors such as the office temperature which, at extremes, can be very distracting to workers. Also, be conscious of peak productivity hours and schedule important meetings or tasks during that time rather than waiting until the very end of the day or the sleepy after-lunch hour. Not only do the physical elements of the office need to align for optimal productivity, but the emotional environment also needs to be in balance. Avoid hiring people with toxic personalities. A gossip, an employee with a bad temper, or a complainer are all distracting to your employees and discourage them from doing good work. Don’t let your own employees dismantle the positive and productive environment you have worked so hard to create.

Strong productivity is necessary and important in every workplace, but can be hard to achieve. So long as the gears keep turning, your office will continue to run smoothly. Use these tips to keep your gears from jamming and to start improving productivity in your workplace today.