Activities to Elevate Motivation Among Colleagues

Clean the Office Space

We’ve all heard Einstein’s old adage that “a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.” Encourage everyone to clear their minds by emptying their junk drawer. Clean out the office refrigerator and do something with those boxes that have been sitting around since you began renting the office space. It’s incredible the effects an organized space can have on your levels of motivation whilst working.

Build a Relaxing Atmosphere

Work is stressful enough without a stressful environment coming into play. Allow your employees to listen to music at their desk, take a coloring break (no, coloring isn’t just for children), or decorate their personal office space. These are all simple activities that every employee can do to de-stress their work life.

Encourage Real Lunch Breaks

Research shows that only 1 in 5 Americans leaves their desk for lunch. Unfortunately, staying inside, especially in one place, stifles creativity. It’s important to our mental health to move from one place and go outside.

Do Some Team-Building Exercises

Although team building exercises can sometimes feel corny, they can be very useful in elevating motivation within the office. Team building can be a great way to improve communication, bolster creativity, and develop problem solving skills all of which help to improve morale. These exercises can also be a gateway to getting to know your coworkers in an out-of-work context. You may learn something you’ve never know about the person you’ve sat across from for three years.  

Break Up the Routine

Nothing drags morale and motivation downwards like a rut. While routine can be great for providing structure to a schedule it can also be a culprit of monotony. Periodically providing an opportunity to get out of that usual nine to five pace can be great for improving motivation in your office. A couple easy ways to break out of the routine would be to offer casual Fridays or let your employees have a late start on a Monday. These small diversions from the routine can have huge impacts on employee motivation.

Combine Work and Family

Provide an opportunity to get to know your employees better by offering a “Bring Your Family to Work Day.” This lets you see the most important thing in many of your employees lives: their family. An event like this also serves as a fun and different way to promote mingling among your employees. What better way to get on somebody’s good side than to put a smile on their toddler daughter’s face or to find out you have kids of the same age?

Get Moving

Studies have shown that regular exercise is linked to improved memory and brain power. Encourage the people in your office to get active together by signing up for a race together or joining a recreational sports team. You can even create a friendly competition within your office to see who can log the most miles or hours of exercise. Not only does exercise provide great health benefits, but getting physical with someone else is an unbeatable way to create new friendships

Encourage Two-Way Feedback

Have semi-frequent small meetings with your employees to get feedback about how they perceive their work environment. This includes anything from how you’re doing as their boss to how work affects their psychological state. Open the floor up to constructive criticism and honesty. The more truthful feedback you are able to get about the work environment, the more effectively you will be able to improve it. Let them know that and encourage their sincere feedback. Also the knowledge that their boss is concerned with their satisfaction at work will put their mind at ease and motivate them care about a company that cares about them.  


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