How to Give a Powerful Presentation

Plan ahead

This has probably been drilled into your head too many times to count, but it really does make all the difference. Take any presentation anxieties out of the equation by planning ahead as much as possible. Get there early to prepare your technological components, scope out what space you have to work with, and even the audience you’ll be presenting to.

Don’t drown your audience with too much information

No matter what topic you’re covering, you probably won’t be able to cover everything in the time your presentation allows. If you try to cover too much ground, the important details of your presentation might get lost in the mix. Don’t sweep too broadly across your topic- focus on the details.

Be honest about your audience’s level of interest

Unfortunately, your presentation might not be the only thing on your audience’s mind. If you understand ahead of time that your audience is only human and may get distracted at times, this will ease any frustrations for you and make the presentation more enjoyable for your audience. Vary your tone and use dynamic visuals to keep their attention.

Another important component is being aware of how educated your audience is on your topic. If they’re new to the topic, be educational without being condescending. If they’re experts, don’t spend time on the basics.

Let your presentation materials help, not hurt you

Nowadays, there are so many different great resources we can use to make a stellar presentation, from templates to impressive effects. While these tools can be great in keeping your audience’s attention, be careful not to get carried away. Remember that everyone is there just to listen to you, so make sure your content isn’t just being read from slides verbatim. Generally a presentation that is read rather than recited feels unnatural and loses the connection with the audience. However, nothing ruins a good presentation like forgetting what you’re going to say. Make sure to practice!

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