Georgia Chamber Unveils New SMART Health Insurance Plan

We have some very exciting news to share that could save your business a considerable amount of money on your group health insurance!

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Anthem (Blue Cross, Blue Shield) to offer a competitive health insurance plan that is available to all Chamber members that have between 2-50 employees. This new self-funded medical offering is a multiple employer welfare arrangement, often called a MEWA. This program enables smaller employers to join together to share in the overall claims risk. By being part of a larger, self-funded pool, employers have financial protection backed by Anthem. This incredible program is available ONLY to members of the Georgia, Athens Area, or other local Chamber of Commerce.

We understand that this program is VERY competitive with ACA rates and may provide substantial savings for standard group health plans.

More detailed information can be found by using the links below, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact David Bradly at

Benefit Plan Flyer

Benefit Plan FAQs