What does my “ideal” community look like?

  • There would certainly be a downtown teeming with vitality.   

  • We would have connection to a major four - year institution that attracts technologically advanced students.

  • We would have an extraordinary Technical College that provides education and training for readily available jobs.

  • A vibrant industrial sector would provide plentiful jobs.

  • State of the art healthcare is readily available.

  • The next person you run into on the street might be your new best friend.

  • Unbridled passion for the community is ever present!


I am honored to be the President and CEO of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce.   This organization has served this community for 118 years. Our focus is to provide a unified voice of, and for, our members in the development of an expanding economy.      

What do the next few decades look like?  Communities that are experiencing unprecedented economic growth are those that have outstanding quality of life.   We are attracting new residents of all ages and skills and getting them into the diverse workforce. Our future is bright indeed!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, we invite you to be engaged in our organization.   We are growing in numbers, programming and influence and would be grateful to get you CONNECTED!